Dr. Miller has over 20 years in the Urban Public Education system; specializing in school redesign and reform, creating effective change for schools through collaborative missions, visions, and teamwork.

His School. 95% Graduation Rate.

Green Tech Charter High School, is an all-boys, predominately black charter school that takes many at-risk young men from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, and places them on a trajectory of success with a 95% graduation rate and 100% acceptance rate to college. Green Tech is among the best schools in New York State as a direct result of Dr. Miller's leadership.

  • Let's Guarantee Graduation for Our Men of Color
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  • Pandemic Education in America
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Dr. Paul Miller is the author of of the books, "We Need to Do Better: Changing the Mindset of Children through Family, Community and Education" and "Cyberbullying: Breaking the Cycle of Conflict." 

We Need to Do Better

We Need to Do Better

Changing the Mindset of Children through Family, Community, and Education


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Academic failure is swarming the country and immersing Black males in a life time of drowning struggle. Something needs to be done! Dr. Paul will identify several factors that currently hold Black men back from succeeding and provide strategies as to how "We Can Do Better" as individuals, families, communities, and as educators.